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How to use the constant temperature shower?

publish: 2018-08-28 16:24:48 frequency:1182


The standard thermostatic faucet has a twist on each side, and the left knob adjusts the water temperature: the screw is turned forward, the water temperature drops; when it is screwed back, the water temperature rises, but when it is screwed to 40 °C, it can not be screwed. This is because the water temperature is more than 40 ° C, it is easy to burn the skin. If you need hot water with higher water temperature, you must press and hold the red safety button on the knob to continue to screw it back.

The knob on the right controls the water outlet mode and the water volume: when the scale is aligned, it is closed; when it is screwed forward, the outlet nozzle below the water, the more the water is turned forward; the screw is turned back, the water is showered, and the more the water is turned .