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What details should I pay attention to when installing a constant temperature shower?

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The constant temperature shower has a comfortable bathing experience because it can ensure the constant temperature of the water, so it is very popular, and the thermostatic shower installation notes:

1. If the amount of impurities used in the water is relatively high, it is not recommended to install a constant temperature shower. The constant temperature shower is mainly thermostated by a thermal sensor element inside the faucet, if the water contains suspended matter and contamination. Things, which can lead to inaccurate thermostats, naturally can not bring people a comfortable bathing experience, and the life of the shower will be shortened, because the shower may be blocked.

2, before installing the constant temperature shower, it is recommended to open the water pipe switch, try to let the water flow the sand and pebbles that have been missed due to the decoration in the water pipe, so as to avoid the use after installation, the pebbles or sand will be blocked. Constant temperature showers will naturally shorten their service life.

3. When installing the constant temperature shower, be sure to pay attention to the installation position of the hot water source. The distance between the hot water source and the shower/faucet should not be too high. The constant temperature shower itself does not produce hot water, which is based on the hot water provided by the water heater. If the water heater is too far away from the shower faucet, it will reduce the constant temperature function of the constant temperature shower, and the natural effect will not be obvious.

4, install a constant temperature water shower, you have to ensure that the water pressure used in the home should be normal, the biggest advantage of the constant temperature shower is that the water pressure can be kept constant under the condition of the water pressure instability, the water temperature can not be too high. High or too low, keeping it between 0.05Mpa and 0.6 Mpa.

5. When installing the constant temperature shower, be sure to pay attention to the installation position of the hot and cold water supply pipe. Generally, the hot water pipe must be on the left side and the cold water pipe must be on the right side. This is the industry standard. It will not be entangled in the other two water supply pipes. To ensure the smooth supply of water to the water supply pipe.